Twenty. One.

Hey ya’ll. Here’s a fun blog post for you!

So…. It’s September 7th…. which means yesterday was my birthday & I’m officially 21! While I couldn’t be more excited about this, it’s been a tough couple weeks leading up to this. Prior to finding the Gospel, my 21st was going to be the party of the century. I was going to go road trip with friends, get completely wasted where ever we were, kiss lots of guys & hopefully, not remember anything that happened that weekend.

Unfortunately….or fortunately, depending on how you look at it. That’s not what happened. I found the Gospel & now understand why drinking is bad & not something I’m interested in anymore… Although, the last few days leading up to this birthday, have been tough & I’ve slipped into my old ways, I’m slowly getting back on the right track. Thankfully, finding the Gospel also led me to amazing friends who helped make my “Birthday Weekend” special! Here’s the run down of what happened πŸ™‚

Friday morning I woke up, got ready & headed off to work. I walked into the office & was completely shocked. My coworkers decorated the office with tons of balloons, confetti, streamers & everything. They made food, took me to lunch, bought me gifts, just were amazing. It made the entire day better.

Saturday was a little bit slower. I went & saw some friends who I hadn’t seen in a while before heading out of town to another friends house for our birthday party! Her birthday is in a few weeks so her parents decided we could have a party there. We played volleyball, grilled food, just had a really chill night. Tons of fun with lots of laughs.

Sunday was actually the big day.. & I spent most of it at church. The Elders were great about celebrating with me without really celebrating. Everyone else was super excited about it too & it was good. I came home & had lunch with my family then just hung out.

While, this wasn’t how I planned on spending my birthday, it was truly great. I wouldn’t change it for the world.


Here’s the cake my lovely coworkers got me! πŸ˜€

Until next time,

Morgan ❀


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