Struggling on the Sabbath

As I’m writing this, I’m thinking of all the ways I messed up today & how disappointed God is with me. I think about how the Prophets have continuously told us to keep the Sabbath holy & to “make it a delight”, & how I, as a new member, should heed unto these words & make it my life.

So what happened today? Church was cancelled because of weather so I didn’t  get to partake of sacramanet, even though I had a chance to go to the Bishops house & have it. Strike one. I think about how I missed scripture reading this morning & watched YouTube videos instead. Strike two. I think about how I watched a TV show with my parents & brother (who are non-members) because that’s the only time I’ve spent with all of them, at once, this week. Strike three…. I’m out.

Actually, I’m not. Our savior  is an amazing person who is the MOST forgiving, loving person I’ve ever known & his atonement is why, even when I feel like it won’t, it’ll be okay if I repent & ask for help that I {desperatley} need in order to better understand the Sabbath.

Is He happy with the choices I made today? No.

Does he understand why I physically, spirtually, emotionally made them? Absolutely.

Is he willing to help me become better tomorrow? Next month? Next year? You bet.

The atonement is something I’ve struggled with since I became a member because I’ve never understood why someone would suffer for me & forgive me for my sins when I CHOSE to make those mistakes. I could have very easily gone to the Bishops house, read my scriptures, & not spent time watching TV with my family… but, I didn’t. Maybe at the time I didn’t understand what I was doing but tonight as I’m thinking over my day, I see those little things that if I keep up, will become the big things. Those actions will keep me from standing strong in my faith, keeping my baptismal covenitents & recieving blessings in this life & the next.

So how do I understand what to do to make sure the Sabbath day remains holy? I understand what I did wrong, I repent of those sins & I ask for help from my Savior. I pray continously for an answer & I take ACTION when he tells me what to do. Whatever way he directs me, I’ll go. I’ll continue to ask for help each & every day with this (& anything else I need in my daily prayers… which happens to be a lot because I’m not perfect).

I know I’ll mess up again & I know that I’ll be in this place again, feeling this way, some day. It could be a month from now or it could be 3 years from now & that’s OKAY! I’ll come back to repenting & asking for help again. I know that He’ll continue to forgive me as long as I come with a “& if ye shall ask with a sincere heart, with real intenet, having faith in Christ…” (Moroni 10:4).


Until next time, Morgan ❤



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One thought on “Struggling on the Sabbath”

  1. Morgan, your an amazing friend!!! I’m very proud of you, your doing a great job and heavenly father is very PROUD of you! I love this blog.

    Page 35-37 By: AL CARRAWAY. By the way love this , please read the book.
    Ether 6 is a brilliant perspective on those times when we feel like we can’t catch our breath , when we catch ourselves asking, Why? Why me? Why hasn’t this passed yet? Where is God, and why hasn’t he taken this from me yet? In Ether 6, Jared and his brother were traveling in barges across the sea. Their journey lasted 344 days- probably much longer than they desired or anticipated . All the while, they were faced with furious wind and great and Terriable tempests, many times being completely buried in the depths of the sea. In moments like that , it would have been easy for them to ask, why isn’t this over yet? Why is this happening when we are following the Lord over to the promised land? God , why won’t you deliver us from this long and Terriable storm?
    It was consistently so hard for them. The only thing more consistent than their storms , however, was the light. The light that came from the stones to shine in darkness. Light that came directly from the Lord. And they made it! They we’re unharmed and protected, even in the worst of the worst. When they were buried in the deep there was no water that could hurt them. No monster of the sea could break them, neither whale that could Mar them; and they did have light continually , whether it was above the water or under the water.
    It was the Lord God , not Satan, who caused those furious winds to blow toward the promised land. Not once were they left alone. And though the storm seemed to be preventing them from progressing, it was actually helping them travel toward the place they needed to go- the promised land. Through all of that, they were always moving forward, always guided by God, and always having light. The wind did never cease to blow towards the promised land. How easy it would have been to murmur and be upset at God. But when they finally arrived , they were not mad at God or upset by the storms from their journey but were filled with gratitude! Immediatly when they reached land, the first thing they did was give thanks. They left behind so much to go to New territory, acting just on Faith. Yes, it was hard and probably incredibly scary, but when they got there, things were much better than where they were before, regardless of the comforts they left behind and the trials they endured. After all they went through, they chose to give thanks. All of their discomfort didn’t matter; all their suffering was completely replaced with happiness, with gratitude. Because they made it. Because it was better than what they knew was available for themselves and me greater than they even knew existed. That’s how it will always be with God. That’s the promise He has given to us, the promise we must never loose sight of: we will make it , and everything will be not just all right but better.
    In all of the discouragement you may feel now- all of your sorrow, sadness, loneliness, darkness, and storms of life you may be traveling through right now- look to this story. Look to the light you do have, even if it seems as small as a stone. Look to the Lord . Look for his hand, even when you feel buried under the waves of mortality. He is always there with you, always guiding you. It’s beautiful. We need to trust that everything God does is to help us receive greater blessings in life. When you are trying to do what God will have you do, know that those hard Times are moving you closer to where things are greater than they ever could have been before. Your stormy journey may be taking much longer than you desire or feel you have strength to endure, but do not let discouragement stop you from trying and turning to him. Hard times will consistently be there – that won’t change- but so will Christ. And with him we are able to overcome and conquer absolutely everything- every feeling of loneliness, discomfort, weakness, sadness, and temptation. Do not let your trials dictate and alter your perception of truths and promises given. Hold on to what you know; it will be your anchor in the storms. He will never give up on you. Do not give up on HIM.


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